What do you mean by CC's book "Read" information?

CC version 3.3.1 and later are able to mark a book "Read". You set or change this mark by going to Book Details from the main display (not the content server display). 

You can set the Read information to one of three values: Yes, No, and empty. It is up to you to choose what these values mean. For example, you can choose Yes to mean "I have read the book", No to mean "I want to read this book soon", and empty to mean "I don't know". You could also choose not to use No, or to use all the values for some other purpose altogether such as "Book needs cleaning".

Because "Read" is now in the grouping drawer, you can choose to see only books with one of the values. You also can choose to limit the books shown to one value (Yes, No, or empty) while grouping on other fields (author, series, etc) by long-pressing on the value. This technique works with all grouping item values such as series or tags.

Charles Haley
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